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Zero TelPhone


This plan is ideal for sporadic callers, people that travel or people that mostly call relatives or friends over long distance. With Zero Plan you can enjoy low long distance and worldwide rates just like any other plan but without monthly fees or contracts. Activate* your phone and pay for what you use.

Student Phone TelPhone


This plan is ideal for students looking for a full-featured moveable home phone line without having to pay large monthly and roaming fees imposed by mobile providers or frequent connection or moving fees collected by typical landline providers.

Second Phone TelPhone


Second Phone plan is ideal as an additional line in a large household. Subscribers of this plan can place free local calls and talk with other TelPhone subscribers.

Advanced Home TelPhone


Home Line plan is similar to regular landline in how it works, only it is less expensive. Cheaper long distance plans and unique Broadband Phone features make it ideal home phone.

Basic Home TelPhone


Modern home phone without unnecessary expenses for unused options. Long distance calls with Special rates. Flexible way to save money and call more.

All taxes are extra. Residential plans are for residential use only. Offers and rates are subject to change. Requires Broadband Internet connection to use.* In order to receive calls from Telx network users, a $36/year virtual number lease fee applies. 1. Equipment rental and premium features fees are extra. Failure to maintain minimum balance of $10 may result in suspension and/or termination of your Telx network number and/or Service. 2. Equipment rental and premium features fees are extra. Plans are either on prepaid basis or require security deposit. 3. Local Calling Areas are defined by the phone number selected.

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